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 Hunder XYZ Turbo

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PostSubject: Hunder XYZ Turbo   Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:06 pm


This deck is all about getting ma and pahunder to the deck to do quick XYZ summons
Paladynamo is a MUST in the extra deck, getting over anything and drawing a card on destruction?
Count me in.
Anyways, Prism is a good card to synchro summon with, it can be summoned with the Hunder's eff and you can equip it to your monsters to give them a huge attack boost.
A 3500 Stardust isn't easy to get over, especially with Cimpuls at 1
Finally, Breakthrough was my own little tech, you can replace it for something else if you want, like Upstart for consistency

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Hunder XYZ Turbo
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